Why Choose Us

Concrete Cutting, Sawing and Drilling

Driveways, paths, patios, pool surrounds, slabs, air-conditioning penetrations, plumbing penetrations/core drilling, retaining walls, concrete pipes, roadwork, kerb & gutters and culverts, floor and wall chasing, door and window openings, expansion cutting, soft cutting and small scale demolition.

We provide all cutting and drilling of concrete, brick, block, masonry and asphalt for Industrial, Commercial, Domestic and Mining projects.

  • Petrol, Electric and Hydraulic handsaws
  • Ring saw that can cut to 270mm depth
  • Expansion cutting
  • Floor and Road saws that can cut up to 400mm deep
  • Wet vacuums for slurry containment and removal
  • Exhaust extraction for fumes
  • Computerized automatic drill
  • Core drilling up to 700mm diameter (bolt down or suction unit for delicate surfaces)
  • Fleet: 6 mobile vehicles